About Us

Apple Geek. Stapleton Dad.

For over 30 years I have been helping people figure out their Apple Products. I grew up in Hawaii fixing breaking and fixing computers in the back of a computer shop my mom worked at. My lifelong love of technology has continued ever since. As a Stapleton Dad it is my duty to provide my community with a top notch technology support service to help people find solutions. 

Seriously, if you see me in Stapleton feel free to ask me a question about your computer or iPhone. At the pool, at the store, or on the playground, I'm here to help. 

With gratitude,

Owen Brown, Founder

Why we do this

At Stapleton Mac Repair we deeply care about our customers needs. Awesome customer service is in our DNA. We exist to provide the residents of Stapleton a convenient way to get help with their Apple Products without occupying their valuable time. We believe in environmental stewardship, accessibility to education, and embrace diversity in all forms. These values are demonstrated by the relationships we develop with our customers.